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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launching the Defence Industrial Corridor Project designed by X36 Falcon

Six Use Cases

Strategic Product Design in Biotech

A client had lost a considerable part of their investment
in a Biotech project. X36 Falcon helped re-imagine the
project to recoup almost the entire loss

Asset Recovery : Solving a “ Bad Loan ” problem

X36 Falcon re-imagined a port project where creditors & lenders had lost all their capital. Our design insights will help investors to not only recover their money but also to make a profit

03. Defence_Corridor

Strategic Design : Defence Industrial Corridor

X36 Falcon’s design of a new military – industrial project for the Ministry of Defence resulted in an investment commitment of Rs 40,000 crores by the Govt. of India

Social Design : Rural Education

X36 Falcon is working with the Ministry of HRD to increase the financial efficiency within India’s school system, saving Rs 1,500 crores each year in interest costs and hugely improving productivity across a national network of 8,59,000 schools

Artificial Intelligence : Training AI to predict Oil prices

Recognizing patterns in historical crude oil prices by using proprietary knowledge and using AI to predict future prices. We also devised a Ju Jitsu hedging strategy for a crude oil refiner for stabilizing & enhancing cash flow

Re –Thinking Jewellery Retail

Re-positioning a Jewellery store chain for a new class of customers both online and offline to improve store profitability

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