Design Verticals

Strategic designers change the way businesses and the people within them think.

We operate across a range of verticals, from Energy & Infrastructure to Financial services and Retail and from Defence to Education

Strategic Applications & New Business Models

Designing of new AI applications

X36 Falcon is imagining & designing new AI applications across industries

Services design : Improving Senior Buying Experiences

Re-imagining the senior buying experience with digital service delivery

X 36 Falcon re-imagined the old Kolkata port as the new Hoogly business district

  • If implemented, the project will create 3,00,000 new jobs in West Bengal

X 36 Falcon’s Curiosity project is a part of the Vivekanand Education Megaproject

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Our work transforms the way organizations think about their businesses and their products and services. We create measurable value for our clients on an immediate basis.

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Media & Conference Inquiries

We welcome interactions with the media, the design community and with everyone interested in the interaction between strategy, design, business, technology and consumers.

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For our global design network, we are looking for individuals with diverse skill sets and
conceptual capabilities. Get in touch with us for collaboration opportunities and to learn about our digital service delivery mechanism.

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